Optical material
[Image Courtesy: Lime Blue, Element Six]

Hi-tech and scientific advancements bring ample opportunities in Industrial applications and non-gem uses of diamonds. Oil & Gas drilling, Power and Waste management, Water purification, Magnetic field sensing, Biomedical and pharmaceuticals, Semiconductors, Quantum computing, Anti-counterfeiting tech, Lasers and Optics are some of the widely adopted fields of diamond applications, to name a few. De Beers’ subsidiary Element Six will now position Lab-grown diamonds as the ideal optical engineering material.


Optical material
[Image Courtesy: Business Wire, Element Six]
At the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics/ Europe and the European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/Europe-EQEC) to be held on 24th June in Munich, Element Six will be presenting two papers. The conference is a benchmark event where scientists in Europe share their research results on optics and applied photonics.

Diamond’s unique physical, chemical, thermal, optical and other properties make them, the most sought after supermaterial and well suited for optical engineering field. Andrew Bennett, principal research scientist at Element Six will be presenting a paper titled – “Diamond – An Engineer’s Best Friend”, co-authored by him, along with Daniel Twitchen, and will also present several case studies, advancements in Lab-grown diamond production using Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) techniques and other processes.

Meanwhile, Element Six’s manager of product application and engineering – Eugene Anoikin, will present another paper – “Diamond Optical Windows with Sub-Wavelength Surface Structures”, co-authored by Alexander Muhr along with him. Anoikin will explore the design and fabrication of SWS on Lab-grown diamond windows and how diamonds have become the preferred material for high power laser windows.

Technological breakthrough has now allowed to grow diamonds even up to 10 carats and has enabled multiple of industries to benefit from diamond’s characteristics. Non-gemological uses of diamonds are predicted to surpass its gem uses.

Optical material
[Image Courtesy: themanufacturer.com, Element Six]
Element Six is the world’s leading Lab-grown diamond producer with Head Office in Luxembourg and manufacturing facilities in 7 countries. But being member of The Beers Group of Companies, it generally tends to avoid making noise about its progress on Lab-grown diamonds and related science and technology, especially when the parent pushes hard to promote diamond’s emotional value.


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