Element Six introduces CVD diamond heat spreader

CVD diamond heat spreader
[Image Courtesy - Microwaves and RF]

A unique combination of properties like high thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, electrical insulation, low weight and chemical inertness, makes CVD diamond a superior material for high frequency devices.

Element Six, member of De Beers Group of companies and a giant in Lab-grown diamond supermaterials has developed the first electrically conductive CVD diamond heat spreader. ‘Diafilm ETC700’, made using Lab-grown diamonds grown by the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) technique is said to be both thermally and electrically conductive and is suited to effectively manage heat in high frequency, high power density devices.

Diafilm ETC700 has a thermal conductivity of 700 W/mK, which makes them three times more effective in spreading heat than other alternatives. It is said to outperform all other commercially available metallized, non-diamond heat spreader materials or metal solutions. The heat spreader does not require the metal coatings otherwise needed by other heat management materials. This results in reduction of frequency dependent conductive losses.

Moreover, since the material has a larger conduction cross-section, it improves ground-plane isolation, which enables better radio frequency performance. The bulk electric conductivity reduces capacitive coupling between ground planes at low frequencies and conductive losses at higher frequencies, while maintaining a high bulk thermal conductivity.

Thomas Obeloer, business development manager at Element Six says, “For more than two decades, Element Six’s CVD diamond has proven to be the most effective heat management material, far surpassing the performance of competing materials such as copper or ceramics. Our team of developers is committed to continually improving upon our already industry-leading technology to meet new demands in advanced electronics and high frequency devices—making possible the next generation of consumer and commercial devices.”

Element Six’s Diafilm ETC700 is available in a range of sizes, thicknesses and metallization. It is said to have the highest known thermal conductivity of any solid material at room temperature. Addition of Diafilm ETC700 has expanded Element Six’s portfolio to six material grades spanning over several levels of electrical performance and cost points, including thermal performances ranging from 700 W/mK to 2000 W/mK.

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