Diamonds to be all over your smartphone

While AKHAN Semiconductors has created the first-ever diamond coated smartphone screen that is stronger than even Corning's Gorilla Glass, Brikk is offering preorders for custom-built diamond studded iPhone 7.

[Image Courtesy: AKHAN, Mashabe]

With progress of research, science and technology, diamonds are finding newer applications by the day. Recent developments and usage suggest that it may not be long before diamonds will be all over your smartphones.

Diamond coated smartphone screens, stronger than Gorilla glass

Gorilla Glass 5 [Image Courtesy: BGR, Christian de Looper, Digital Trends]
While Corning’s Gorilla glass are now standard to many of the top smartphone brands including Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus and maybe even some latest versions of iPhones, they are not shatter proof. Though a few days ago, Corning announced its next generation Gorilla Glass 5 screen, AKHAN Semiconductor has created a diamond coated smartphone display that is much stronger than Gorilla glass.


[Image Courtesy: AP, Mashabe]
The first-ever diamond reinforced glass is not just attractive because diamonds are the hardest material but also because of diamonds’ chemical inertness, thermal capabilities and high resistance to containments. On Mohs scale of hardness, diamonds rate 10, while sapphire, which Corning is currently working on to use as a Gorilla glass composite, rates 9. AKHAN Semiconductors has devised a method to apply nanometers thin film of Lab-grown diamonds, titled as ‘AKHAN Miraj NCD diamond’, onto UV glass to create a display that is 800 times thinner than Gorilla Glass 5. A study finds that the diamond coated glass by AKHAN is 3.5 times more crack resistant and 7 times more scratch resistant than Gorilla Glass.


Using CVD technique, AKHAN grows 500 nanometer diamond layer on top of glass and can currently make 8-inch diamond glass wafers. Adam Khan – CEO and founder of AKHAN Semiconductor says that Lab-grown diamonds are “chemically more perfect than natural diamond.” It is quite possible that the next smartphone versions may come with diamond coated screens.

Diamond studded iPhone 7?

[Image Courtesy: Phone Arena, Brikk]
Though Apple hasn’t announced iPhone 7 yet, luxury retailer Brikk has started offering preorders for custom built Lux iPhone 7 options that include small and large diamonds, yellow gold, pink gold or even platinum. Prices of these phone options start from USD 4,995 to an unthinkable USD 1.3 million for a completely customized high-end diamond studded iPhone 7.

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