Diamond Sourcing Mobile App now offering Lab-grown Diamonds

Lab-grown Diamond
[Image Courtesy: Jewellerybusiness.com, Virtual Diamond Boutique]

Virtual Diamond Boutique (VDB), a Mobile App and platform for sourcing and trading in the gem and jewelry industry has added another category to its offerings – Lab-grown Diamonds. VDB now offers four categories for its users when they open the App:

  1. Diamonds
  2. Colored Gemstones
  3. Finished Jewelry
  4. Lab-grown Diamonds


VDB President Tanya Nisguretsky said “We made the decision to offer lab-grown because so many retailers are offering this product category to an increasingly interested consumer. And we want to help our customer base make thoughtful, informed decisions about the products they offer. That’s what the VDB platform does best – it informs and facilitates a higher quality sourcing process.”


Till date 11 Lab Grown Diamond suppliers have signed up on VDB and more than 4,800 Lab-grown Diamonds are available on the App. More players are expected to sign up in coming weeks.


VDB App offers high quality images and 360 degree views for products listed on the platform and all these features including visual and technical search, buy, hold, memo features etc. will also be available for Lab Grown Diamonds category.


As a best practice being practised on the retail front, to segregate Lab-grown diamonds from Mined diamonds, the company has thoughtfully kept the Lab-grown category separate.


Addition of Lab-grown category will help retailers to offer thousands of Lab-grown stones to their customers, from a vetted list of Lab-grown diamond dealers. VDB App is available on Apple Store as well as Google Play Store for Android devices.


By adding Lab-grown diamond to its offerings, VDB can expect a good traction, especially in a market where Lab-grown diamonds demand is ever increasing. Recently, a Lab-grown diamond manufacturer – ALTR Created Diamonds reported a 10-fold increase in global shipments for their Lab Grown Diamonds over 1.5 Carats, since 2017.


ALTR’s President Amish Shah said “ALTR was delighted that they were instrumental in ensuring that retailers experienced 35% higher average unit retail (AUR) sales than typical for the bridal category. ALTR contributed to a double digit increase in higher margin for our premium brand affiliates, with larger stones over 1.5 fueling the desire and sales… Our bridal jewellery sales have been so high that we have had to ramp up production from our diamond reactors to ful-fill recent demand.”


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