Diamond mixing grossly exaggerated: NDMC Study

Though several reports and rumors have surfaced about mixing of synthetic diamonds with mined ones, a recent study concludes that it is grossly exaggerated. Indian Natural Diamond Monitoring Committee (NDMC) was formed last November by the Indian Gem & Jewellery Export Promotion Council (GJEPC) along with numerous other international trade bodies, on reports about several undisclosed diamond mixing cases.

NMDC carried out a comprehensive study ever in the sector that involved participants across the value chain including manufacturers, retailers, equipment suppliers, testing labs, trade bodies etc. and spanned eight countries over three continents. The study concluded that the undisclosed mixing could be occurring only on a fairly small scale due to small number of synthetic diamonds produced. GJEPC admitted that their research shows that given the existing production technology, the gem-quality synthetic diamond roughs production is less than 350,000 carats compared to over 125 million carats of mined roughs, contrary to some previous publications.

This study indicates that the instances of diamond mixing were grossly exaggerated. Meanwhile, to safeguard accidental or intentional mixing, NDMC also suggested solutions in four areas of regulatory, commercial, process and technology.



Source: Chan, S. (2014) “Study shows undisclosed diamond mixing exaggerated”, Jeweller, Gunnamatta Media


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