Dell turns motherboards into jewelry

Recycled jewelry
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Recycling and sustainability have been a fledging issue for various things. Ethically mined diamonds, gold and Lab-grown diamonds are some of the metals and stones that promote sustainability. Millennials are favouring jewelry that promote authenticity and sustainability. While lot of luxury jewelers are adopting Lab-grown diamonds, finding a tech company ventured into coming up with a recycled jewelry line is a rare site.

Texas-based Dell, a computer technology giant, is partnering with Hollywood actress Nikki Reeds to recycle e-waste into expensive gold jewelry. The line is called Circular Collection and would be branded under Nikki Reeds’ Bayou with Love. The collection includes 18 and 14 karat earrings, gold rings and cufflinks.

The collection focuses on the environmental impact it is catering to rather than the beauty of it. Small amounts of gold can be obtained from various electronic appliances. Dell would be using their laptop motherboards to recycle them into gold. To create a single bit, six motherboards are required. Since mining has raised various environment related issues, recycling e-waste for gold is a welcome change. It is also beneficial for the large-scale recycling firms and a new revenue generating medium.

The collection is priced between USD 78 for a ball ring to USD 348 for a pair of cufflinks.

Nikki Reed said, “We made a significant decision in the determination of pricing of these pieces ruling out the controversy that recycled gold products should be relatively cheap and less in value.”

Moreover, old, broken and useless computer is no more a worthless piece. Dell knows just how to upgrade it. With this partnership, Dell would be offering an opportunity for its clients to replace their Dell as well as non-Dell e-waste in return of a new Dell product. It is also going to provide top-notch motherboards of pure gold, ensuring hazardous e-waste safe environment.

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