DDI raises grant from Rubel & Menasche

Rubel & Menasche, a French high-end specialty diamonds supplier, has announced a financial grant for Diamond Development Initiative. They have been one of the active supporters of DDI since 2012. Diamond Development Initiative (DDI) International is running a major registration project in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), bringing more than 50,000 artisanal miners into organised industry.

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[Image Courtesy: DDI]

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[Image Courtesy: Rubel & Menasche]

DDI’s mission is to bring together all parties in the diamond production and selling ecosystem, in an attempt to address the social, political and economical challenges facing the artisanal diamond miners. DDI is working in areas of Africa to identify sites where diamonds can be produced in an environmentally sustainable manner and provide fair working conditions and wages to mine workers.

There are more than 1.3 million artisanal diamond diggers across Africa supporting around 10 million people. Ian Smillie, Chair of DDI Board, said, “Our partnership with Rubel & Ménasché is extremely important to us. We believe that the positive impact at the source of the diamond pipeline will, in time, be enormous.”

DRC is one of the most war-savaged conflict zone where problems of blood diamonds and their repercussions on local communities have been aplenty. This financial contribution, whose value however has not been disclosed, is a cheering news for the artisanal diamond diggers in the country. To ensure the sustainability of such people in Africa who are involved in legitimate diamond trade, it is crucial that the contributions, efforts and initiatives like DDI are augmented.



  1. Mining companies will never do their part when it comes to real inclusive growth for the local communities. All one would see are some glossy Sustainability reports with superficial measures ideated. This comes maybe from the way their Business Model operates!!

    Other players in the industry value chain can however change this trend and gain more global acceptability and reputation, thus giving a fillip to their brands and helping develop the overall industry (if their efforts are real of course). More such players like Rubel & Menasche are the need of the hour. Kudos to them!!

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