Canadian Diamond Code of conduct – A guarantee for conflict-free diamonds

Deepak International, a diamond polishing company in Northwestern territories of Canada, bought rights to polar bear symbol of diamonds representing the territories sustainably mined diamonds, along with two defunct diamond polishing plants in Yellowknife region of Canada. The region is home to Ekati and Daivik diamond mines. The renewal of logo is a key to understand the principles of Canadian Diamond Industry.


Canada is now the third largest producer of diamonds after Africa and Russia, however it leads the world in terms of conflict free diamonds. All diamonds that come from Canadian mines are laser inscribed with a logo to indicate their origin and distinguish them from diamonds coming from conflict regions. All Canadian numbers also have a unique tracking number.

Canada is a member of the Kimberley process of diamond certification since its inception. The process in itself has not been successful, but Canadian government has taken its regulations one step further than Kimberley process requirements to make sure that the mining activities in Canada are sustainable and Conflict free.

Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct is a standard that establishes a chain of value addition of a diamond, allowing a buyer to trace a diamond from a jewelry retailer back to the diamond mine. From a consumer’s point of view, this standard is a stronger guarantee than just a KP certification since the entire journey of the diamond is captured and guaranteed to be conflict-free.




  1. Canada has always led the way when it comes to responsible mining. This is good news for forward improvement. But, when will other geographies adopt such principles.

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