Best Finance Management Apps for Diamond-Buying Fans

Diamond Finance
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The economies around the world are experiencing callous times. Regardless of the amount you earn, spend your money wisely. There are various ways of planning your budget, but using mobile finance management applications is a great idea. For diamond buying fans, caution and strategy are crucial.

Diamond prices are very volatile, and if you are not extra keen, you can run huge losses. It’s tough to find a time budget, but don’t skip it. Here are the best finance management apps you can use.

You Need a Budget (YNBA)

YNBA is a reputable company with an excellent budgeting philosophy. It is the most expensive but effective budgeting app. To use YNBA, you must remit a monthly fee of $6.99; however, new customers enjoy a free welcoming waiver for a month. YNBA believes that to start budgeting, you must save at least $200 on your debut month.

YNBA encourages its users to have a crafted plan complete with the budget before investing their money. For diamond buying fans, YNBA is a dream partner because of the expense tracker, which keeps you posted on all your moves. Moreover, YNBA has a mobile application that can be synchronized to your credit or debit cards. Even though it has high monthly rates, using YNBA is worth every penny.

Why you should use YNBA;

  • It helps you overhaul your budget
  • New customers enjoy a one-month free trial
  • It has a 100% cashback guarantee
  • It has an efficient customer care service

Pocket guard

Pocket Guard is a finance management application that helps manage how you spend your funds. To use Pocket Guard, install the application on your phone or computer. This finance management application tracks and analyzes your money moves. The notifications will pop on your screen in graphical form.

This information is essential because it helps you build a better budget. At the end of every month, Pocket Guard analyses the amount you spend on settling recurrent expenditure. This feature is excellent because it proposes cheaper alternatives you can use to save on cost.

The one advantage of using Pocket Guard is because it not only manages your funds, but you can also save your earnings on the app. It is like a one-stop-shop!

Personal capital

It is an excellent finance management application in the market that keeps track of the amount of money spent. If you plan to buy Diamonds, consider using this application because it keeps you within your budget. Personal Capital has a mobile application that keeps users posted by sending daily notifications of the expenditure and profits.

The beauty of personal capital is that it interprets all the information in graphical format s, which is easy to understand. In case you find the information confusing, you can seek help from a professional from the site.

The advantage of using personal capital is that it gives you a holistic analysis of the overall financial picture, a significant factor to success for diamond buying fans.


Mint is an exceptional finance budgeting apps boasting over 20 million users worldwide. Its growth is attributed to the security features that the app has. The app is user friendly and can be used by small, medium, or big budgeters without a struggle.

Despite the application being free to use, it has many cool features to help you manage your diamond business. It has a bill-payment reminder, which enables users to make timely payments. Another cool thing about mint is the track investment feature. It tracks the amount of money used and the output and compiles in depth analysis using graphs. This helps you evaluate the viability of the business.


  • Free to use
  • It gives users TransUnion credit scores
  • Investment tracking

However, the app has numerous in-app advertisements that make using the site hectic.


Simplifi is a finance management app run by Quicken. It has an automated system that informs you of all the actions going on in your account as it unfolds. Simplify is the most appropriate finance management app if you are planning to set up a diamond sales agency because regardless of who uses your funds, monitoring them becomes easy.

Simplifi enables you to synchronize financial accounts in a simplified manner. With synchronized accounts, control of your funds becomes easy. Moreover, this financial app tracks your monthly expenditure and sums them up using graphs.

Why use simplifi?

  • It has a healthy cash flow
  • The watchlist feature allows you to monitor your spending.
  • It gives new members a one-month free trial

To use simplifi, you must pay a monthly fee of $35.99.


As a diamond-buying fan, budgeting is an art that requires a lot of financial discipline. Luckily, you can create an account with any financial management apps to automate your budgeting process. Before settling on any of these apps, please go through the features they offer and settle on that which suits your needs.

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