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Laura Chavez
Laura Chavez is the founder of Lark & Berry, a fine jewellery brand exclusively featuring cultured diamonds and stones. After receiving her undergraduate degrees from Rice University in Houston, Texas and an MBA from London Business School, Chavez aspired to start her own jewellery business, but was frustrated at the market’s lack of fairly priced, high-quality and ethically sourced diamonds. While taking a course at the London Jewellery School, Chavez discovered cultured diamonds, also known as lab-grown diamonds. Learning these were identical diamonds, yet no mining was necessary, and their origin could be traced while always being guaranteed conflict-free, Chavez immediately recognized this opportunity in the market. She set out to introduce a fresh view on luxury during a time when people demand unique experiences in every sector they encounter. In fine jewellery this meant a choice that did not sacrifice quality with stunning design still at the forefront. Shortly after a successful launch, Chavez incorporated the environmental goodwill program where 5 trees are planted for every purchase made. She believes luxury now is not only meant to be more sustainable but should also enable us to give back to our planet.



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