ALTR Created Diamonds expands into Australia

ALTR Created Diamonds launches to Australian retailers at 2018 Showcase Jewellers

ALTR Created Diamonds
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New York, NY and Sydney, Australia – February 27, 2018 – As the only created diamond brand launched by a century old mined diamond house (Riam Group), ALTR Created Diamonds launched to retailers in Australia at the 2018 Showcase Jewellers.

Led by Amish Shah, a third-generation diamond and jewelry manufacturer, ALTR Created Diamonds has captured imagination of the modern consumer like never before with its larger carats at better value. ALTR Created Diamonds is now selling all over the world including in the United States, EU, China, Australia, India, Canada, Thailand, South Korea, Israel and South Africa, ALTR Created Diamonds is experiencing aggressive growth and international expansion.

“We are thrilled to bring ALTR Created Diamonds to retailers in Australia,” said Mr. Shah, President of R.A. Riam Group. “This milestone marks an important phase in the growth of the ALTR brand, which is now selling across the world, and demonstrates the positive change that Created diamonds can bring to the centuries-old diamond industry.”

“It was very exciting for us to present ALTR Created Diamonds to our retailers and demonstrate the beauty and uniqueness of the brand,” said Carson Webb, General Manager of Jimaco Ltd, Showcase Jewellers. “Transparency, knowledge, beauty, quality and design are all words we used to plan our future with ALTR together. It’s all about a choice for the consumer, now being able to afford a brighter diamond.  Our partnership with ALTR is a perfect fit and compliments our entire fine jewellery business.”

Employing proprietary technology to replicate the conditions whereby diamonds form in nature, ALTR creates certified Type IIA lab grown diamonds that are identical to chemical, optical and physical composition as the world’s finest mined diamonds. Because ALTR is vertically aligned, it is the only created diamond house with the supporting infrastructure not only to grow, cut and polish its own supply of Type IIA created diamonds, but also design, manufacture and distribute fine created diamond jewellery.   ALTR Created Diamonds carry certification from Gem Certification and Assurance Lab (GCAL).

With an extensive design archive and more than 22 exclusive, patented diamond cuts, ALTR Created Diamonds offers a full line of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings sold under the ALTR brand name.  For more information on the ALTR Created Diamonds, please visit www.ALTR.NYC.

For more information on the ALTR Created Diamonds, please visit WWW.ALTR.NYC

About ALTR Created Diamonds

ALTR Created Diamonds are branded lab-grown diamonds created exclusively by RIAM Group. ALTR is solely devoted to creating high-quality diamonds and stunning jewellery designed around these diamonds. The ownership of the parent company RIAM Group has 75 years of experience in the mined diamond industry. RIAM Group has the background and knowledge to bring vertical and integrated manufacturing of created diamonds and jewelry made from those diamonds to an international market. RIAM Group is the only fully vertical manufacturer of both mined diamond jewellery and created diamond jewellery. The ALTR division of the group manufactures only created diamond jewellery.

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