AIDIA joins the burgeoning Lab-grown diamond club

Lab-grown diamond
[Image Courtesy: AIDIA]

More and more jewelry retailers now selling Lab-grown diamonds is amply clear. The latest addition to the burgeoning club is AIDIA Fine Jewelers, LLC that recently launched its signature Lab–grown diamond and fine jewellery design collection to cater to the growing consumer demand for more affordable fine diamond jewellery.

After working for a career span of more than 20 years in earth-mined diamond industry, Gill Goshen, getting inspired by development of Lab-grown diamond technology and recognizing the economic opportunities and business sense, founded AIDIA.

Gill says, “We’re thrilled to bring consumers this exciting new choice when they go searching for engagement rings or fine diamond jewelry. Man made diamonds are a high-tech miracle and a luxury product that we believe will play a growing role in the consumer marketplace.”

Diamonds at AIDIA are grown in dedicated growing facility and cut and polished by experts from established cutting centers across the world. AIDIA’s 18K yellow, white and rose gold jewellery is designed with recycled gold. Their diamonds are 20-30% less expensive than earth mined diamonds of same characteristics. They offer big variety of engagement or bridal rings in contemporary fashion. Apart from selling loose Lab–grown diamonds they have Signature collection, Fashion collection for everlasting adornments and offer custom designing services, one-of-a-kind pieces. All AIDIA diamonds over 0.50 carat are laser inscribed, branded as Lab created and are certified by IGI. Diamonds are available in 10 shapes, color from D to K, IF to SI3 clarity and Excellent to Very Good cut.

AIDIA’ was formed by picking letters from the word ‘diamond’. It is a palindrome (reads the same frontwards and backwards) to symbolize exact similarity in physical, chemical and optical characteristics of earth mined diamonds and Lab–grown diamonds.

Additionally, Lab–grown diamonds are eco-friendly, sustainable, socially responsible and conflict free. In an extended attempt towards social responsibility, AIDIA AID Foundation will support charitable partners such as American Heart Association, Make-A-Wish Foundation, March of Dimes, the Conservation Fund et al, selected by its consumers.


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