A Gem-lab propagating Cubic-Zirconia as Synthetic!!!

Few days back,  a Gem-lab – Solitaire Gemological Laboratories (SGL) was inaugurated in Dubai. One of its director Mr. Chirag Soni made some preposterous statements about Lab-grown diamonds like “…the colour and clarity of CVD diamonds would deteriorate over time…”

One of our readers engaged the director of this lab enquiring how much time does it take for a CVD diamond’s color and clarity to deteriorate?

Mr. Soni of SGL replied, “The most generic versions of sy(n)thetics are cubic zirconia’s which might deteriorate/change colour in a few years depending on the sub-type… If you’re looking at cost effective options for diamond look alike’s i would recommend to buy a CVD …”

BDI is in possession of this e-mail conversation.

It is really baffling that Mr. Soni referred Cubic Zirconia (CZ) as “Synthetic” and CVD diamonds as “diamond look alike”.
SGL logo
[Image Courtesy: Solitaire Gemological Laboratories]
This is a clear evidence of deception where a lab is not only propagating incorrect information about Lab-grown diamonds but also confusing the consumers between synthetic diamonds and simulants/ look alikes to promote its business. This is contrary to the expected behaviour of labs where they should be educating consumers and explaining them facts about diamonds.

SGL has its labs in London, Mumbai and several other parts of India, apart from the recently opened lab in Dubai. There are already enough problems with Gem-labs. Such irresponsible behaviour and false info spreading by some Gem-labs will only aggravate industry’s challenges.


  1. The most ludicrous statement by any diamond industry stakeholder, ever!! As rightly pointed out, by such irresponsible behaviour and actions, some labs make the whole industry laughable..

  2. Quite appalling. Lab-grown diamonds are the future and false info by such labs only leads to misguidance and confusion among the people. Clearly, a case of vested interests and personal agenda.

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