5 benefits of wearing Diamond Jewelry

Diamond Jewelry
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We all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but diamond jewelry is more like family. Nearly every family has that gorgeous heirloom necklace or estate engagement ring, passed down from a mother or grandmother years ago. The longevity and timelessness of diamond jewelry make it a great choice when you are buying jewelry, but they are far from the only benefits you’ll gain with your diamonds.

Diamonds Can Be a Good Investment

Though the international market is currently inundated with colorless diamonds at the moment, “fancy” diamonds, or rarer diamonds that exhibit brilliant hues and tones can be viable investments. If you’re having a hard time believing that, consider the “Sweet Josephine” pink diamond, a 16.8-carat beauty that sold for $28.5 million at a Christie’s auction. Of course, we can’t promise such a payload if you tried to sell (no matter how striking your diamond stud earrings may be), but it is a comfort to know that your purchase has some great resale value if you choose pieces wisely based on their rarity and quality.

Diamond Consumers Can Advocate For Change

Across the world, the diamond industry employs roughly 10 million people, with numerous mines sustaining indigenous peoples’ economies in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

Canada, the world’s third largest diamond exporter, generates roughly $1.5 billion in revenue from mines primarily located in the country’s Northwest Territories. These mines account for 57% of all trade revenue from this remote, primarily indigenous-populated region.

When individuals buy diamond jewelry today, they can directly affect the lives of artisans, tradespeople, and miners through ethical purchases.

Diamonds Have Spiritual Benefits

Not everyone believes in astrology, feng shui, or other spiritual elements in the world. However, But that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits! According to feng shui experts, diamonds are imbued with strength (unsurprising, as they are the hardest substance on earth) and protection. These luminescent stones are believed to transfer these qualities to whoever is wearing them, too! You can wear your diamonds proudly, knowing you’ve got some extra power on your side.

Diamonds Are Great For Any Occasion

These jewels are not just for special occasions. In fact, diamonds are becoming more popular as part of daily outfits for women everywhere. The elegant, sparkling beauty of diamond jewelry can be complemented with even your most casual dress. It can also elevate your formal occasion outfit to new heights. With diamonds in your collection, you’ll know that anything you put on will be absolutely striking, and that is a benefit to die for.

Diamond Jewelry
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Diamonds Help Make Beautiful Memories

Ladies, what happens when you look down at a beautiful halo engagement ring on your finger? Are you brought back to the day he proposed? And gentlemen, how do you feel when you hear people compliment your wife on a pair of stunning diamond earrings you bought her?


Diamonds are one of the more quintessential gifts for showing people we love them, and these gifts often hold the memories of our love in each glittering facet. While that may not be a benefit you can quantify, as far as we’re concerned, it is a benefit that’s truly priceless.


  1. My wife and I have an anniversary coming up. I have been trying to decide what I should get her for the special occasion. I knew that diamond jewelry was beautiful, but I didn’t realize that diamonds can actually can be used as an investment for the future. That’s an added benefit I’ll take into consideration.

  2. My wife has been getting into jewelry lately so I thought it would be nice to get her some for her birthday. My wife can be really particular what she wears sometimes. She feels like she always needs to be matching. According to the article, diamonds are great for any occasion since they go well with most outfits. I think maybe a diamond ring or bracelet could be exactly the kind of thing she wants.

  3. It’s great that this article mentions how diamonds can be used with your daily outfits as well as special occasions. Since they can complement most outfits, they would be a great choice to make sure you look fabulous every day. When choosing your diamond jewelry, you’d probably want to pick something you love and will match with any piece of clothing so you can use them as often as possible.

  4. It’s interesting how you said that diamonds are becoming something that a woman will wear anywhere and on any occasion. It makes sense that because of how durable a diamond is, it can put up with a lot more stress than other gemstones. Finding a good jewelry store that offers a great selection and fair prices could really help your style go up a notch in the jewelry department.

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