3D printed jewelry taking centre stage for modern customers

3D Printed Jewelry
[Image Courtesy: Lionel T Dean, DeZeen, YouTube]

Modern customers are always looking for new and innovative ways to customize their jewelry at a low cost, and 3D printed jewelry does just that. 3D printing technology has evolved in recent years and innovatively used to cater to higher demands of customers. In past, 3D printed jewelry have been made using customer’s soundwaves, in different geometrical shapes and much more. Moreover, it has been forecasted by SmarTech Markets in a report that 3D printed jewelry would attain USD 11 Billion by 2020.

Recently developments in 3D printed jewelry sector only add to the growing industry. Focusing more on the issues related to women and catering to the personalised needs of the customers, young entrepreneurs are coming up with innovative ideas to leverage 3D printing into fashion jewelry.


Metallicity using 3D printing to make unique jewelry designs

Morisville-based Metallicity is run by Lila Taylor and Tony Nemyer. They have been making jewelry for more than 25 years now, but Metallicity has recently opened in January 2018 focusing on 3D printing. Lila and Tony create designs using a design software and print them using large-scale 3D printers.

3D printing has proved to be a quick and economical way of turning designs to jewelry. Traditionally creating jewelry is a very time-consuming task, but with 3D printers complex, geometrical, interconnected pieces can be made in one go.

Metallicity isn’t a normal walk-in store, Lila and Tony set appointments with their clients. They sit together and work on their personalized jewelry design, using different methods and materials, where some of their jewelry is printed using powdered nylon or powdered steel. While, jewelry printed in nylon is ready to sell as soon as it is printed, jewelry printed in steel need to be infused in bronze later. Since the jewelry is designed from scratch, 3D printed jewelry can also be re-created.

Taylor says, “If we have the file for, say, an engagement ring we created, we can make a matching ring for an anniversary or replace it if it goes missing.”


3D printed jewelry supporting benefits of IUDs

Jeremy Burnich of Joy Complex is a 3D modeler and designer of statement jewelry. He is known for his statement jewelry focusing on women rights or honouring some historic scientific discoveries. Recently, Jeremy created a set of IUD-shaped jewelry after reading an article by Jezebel supporting the benefits if using Intrauterine Device (IUDs).

Burnish says ”It started a conversation between me and my wife Leah – who is a family physician at UPMC – about IUD’s, women’s health issues, and politics/ political agendas. We put our heads together and she suggested that I design a pair of earrings and maybe a matching pendant based upon the Mirena style IUD. It is the most popular IUD in the US. Since the election it has also morphed into a symbol for women’s reproductive rights and empowerment. We both decided that a portion of the profits should go to Planned Parenthood because they do so much good work in the women’s health arena. Unfortunately, that work is overshadowed by the unfair branding given to them by the GOP/ right-wing. For some reason people who are against abortion don’t recognize that PP does vastly more in the women’s health arena than just that one procedure.”

After the launch, it has become popular with a lot of OB/ GYN residents, moreover, a lot of customers have contacted him requesting him to make lapel pins as well.


Israeli designer creates 3D printed jewelry and clothes that helps protect women from danger

Israeli designer Nitzan Kish is using 3D printing technology to create jewelry and clothes that are designed for self-defence. Her collection named ‘Me, Myself & I’ features garments that turn into spikes.

The idea came into force from a personal experience Kish has as a student at Jerusalem’s Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. The garment is like a modern body armour and upon physical force changes shape and becomes a self-defense mechanism.

Kish also has three different jewelry collections to her name. Currently she is working on her next creation at Impact Labs in Tel Aviv, an innovation centre by Reut Group who launched it last year in partnership with shared workspace giant WeWork. Her next collection named ‘Wonder Jewel’ is a set of smart jewelry which has sensors attached into the accessories.

Including even elderly population to her target market, who live alone, Kish says ”The ‘smart jewelry’ startup is empowering in that, for example, if something happens to a wearer 50 meters away, she can alert the sensor on her jewelry and a trusted member of her community will receive a cell phone notification to arrive at the scene immediately.”


For the survivors of human trafficking, Katherine Prescott – Co-founder, Free-D, is offering training to women in 3D-printed jewelry design. Apart from human trafficking survivors, Free-D also offers training to vulnerable women at risk etc. Currently being London-based, Free-D has created Business Plan to go global and is going to soon pitch at various forums and summits.


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