3-carat grown diamond – New high for technology and innovation

Brilliance and cut of polished diamonds have made them one of the most esteemed components of jewellery. In addition, a diamond is a remarkable material with properties – optical, thermal, electrochemical, chemical, electronic – that outclass competing materials. These properties make diamonds very valuable for industry and research applications.

Pure Grown Diamonds, formerly Gemesis Inc. has created a 3-carat K, SI1, round grown diamond. The feat is testimony to the growth in technology and innovation in the process of creating grown diamonds.

3 carat pure grown diamond

Large stones in mined diamonds are rare to find. Even those have inclusions that limit their use in industrial applications. Grown diamond research has created opportunities in the areas of electro-chemical applications, semiconductor research and so on. Unique properties of a diamond coupled with advanced research in areas of grown diamonds and diamond applications have potential to open new frontiers to application areas.



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  1. This is certainly good news for the consumers! The size of the grown diamond was the issue in the past, but with the ability to provide 3 carat grown diamonds which will definitely interest the buyers who want an eco-friendly product.

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