[Image Courtesy: International Business Times, Bowers & Wilkins]

In the newest diamond application, the 16-speaker stereo system of the new BMW 7 Series will have diamonds for enhanced quality sound performance. British speaker company – Bowers & Wilkins who designed and produced the stereo system for BMW 7 Series is using Lab-grown diamonds in 3 of the 7 tweeters for generating sound beyond normal human comprehension.

Being light and rigid, diamonds used in speakers enable to elicit crystal clear sound and prevent sounds not required to reach the listener’s ears. Diamond speakers will be used in a car stereo for the first time.

[Image Courtesy: International Business Times, Newspress]
Acoustically optimized Bowers & Wilkins stereo setup consisting 3 diamond dome tweeters, 4 aluminum tweeters, 2 bass subwoofers, 1,400 watt 10-channel amplifier coupled with 7 midrange drive units made from Kevlar – a material used in F1 cars and bulletproof jackets, will be offered as an upgrade for GBP 4,765 on all versions of BMW 7 Series. The new BMW 7 Series will cost GBP 63,750 onwards and will be launched in November this year.


Usage of diamonds in car stereo system opens up a whole gamut of possibility of diamond applications in the acoustics and audio space, adding to the already long list of applications of diamonds in industrial and scientific sector.



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