[Image Courtesy: The Conversation, Andrew Lehmenn, Daniel Price, Rich Mildren]

Though powerful lasers are not new, with some even possessing the capacity to reach 2 petawatts of power, Diamond lasers are getting significant advancements with better efficiency and reliability for industrial applications. The Fraunhofer Institute, Germany and MQ Photonics Research Centre, Australia have build a Diamond-based Laser that is 20 times more powerful than any industrial laser developed till now.

Using Lab-grown diamonds grown by aid of CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) technique, the laser has the ability to cut through even steel with ease. The laser has the capability of 380 Watts @ 1240nm. Though most of the existing industrial lasers have kilowatt range capacities, they have narrow wavelength coverage and are unable to handle extreme thermal loads resulting in very long time for cutting.

[Image Courtesy: Softpedia]
Owing to the high thermal bearing properties of diamonds, the new Diamond Laser can handle heat very effectively, by transferring the heat from hot zone down the beam much more quickly than any current industrial laser can. ‘Raman Conversion’ – technique of converting light into long wavelengths to enable metals to absorb it and let photons deposit sufficient energy to cut through steel, rather than passing through or bouncing off, enables the Diamond Laser to be high powered.


Since a laser’s output wavelength also depends on the material’s transparency, Lab-grown diamond makes it possible for a laser to be efficacious. As scientific advancements of CVD and other Lab-grown diamond production techniques progresses and larger diamonds become available, widespread applications of Diamond-based Lasers can be expected, replacing the existing gas-based ones.


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