[Image Courtesy: Pierre Tufenkjian, cgtrader.com]

There is no doubt that 3D Printed Jewelry will advance significantly, reaching the jewelers and consumers aplenty and taking over considerable share of the global Gems & Jewelry market but a new report forecasts that the market for 3D Printed Jewelry may hit USD 11 Billion as soon as 2020 itself.

The report titled ‘Opportunities for 3D Printing in Precious Metals’ by SmarTech Markets has projected 3D-printed rings, necklaces, timepieces and common consumer fashion jewelry items to attain USD 11 Billion market by 2010. In 2014, the total global jewelry and watch industry was USD 300 Billion.

The disruptive tech is being gradually furthered by smaller developments. Delcam, at the recently concluded International Jewelry London exhibition, showcased its 2015 R2 version of ArtCam JewelSmith CAD/ CAM software that is made not for engineers but for jewelry artists. This new software enables artisans to design and manufacture jewelry using a single software program and allows users to blend and intersect design elements to create complex jewelry designs. Moreover, this new CAM software is able to make support structures for 3D Printing, automatically or even manually.

Besides, to develop competencies of making 3D Jewellery among designers, Paul Liaw – a Shapeways’ shop owner, is offering an online jewelry-making class from 5th October to 13th December.

With such consistent small strides, it may be quite possible that 3D Printed Jewelry may reach the milestone of USD 11 Billion sooner than later.


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